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Men who Care is a campaign supported by Global Fund for Children to celebrate the great things that happen when men care

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"Men Who Care can be an engine of intergenerational healing"

About the Campaign

Our campaign captures diverse voices sharing stories about the dads, grandads, teachers, coaches, youth workers, neighbours and others that take the time to care. It highlights the positive difference they make to our lives.

We are inviting contributors to share videos telling the untold stories of caring men. Join our mailing list to find out more.

Throughout history caring and nurturing men have supported children, families and communities to thrive, but traditional gender roles vary widely meaning that it’s not always easy for men to connect with or shout about their caring side.

Join us to celebrate #MenWhoCare

Who we are

Men who Care was founded by the team at Including Men, a not for profit project based in the UK

We’re a team of men and women with several decades experience across health and social care working to build resilience into the relationships that men have with their families and communities.

Global Fund for Children
Including Men

The project team are grateful for the kind support of Global Fund for Children’s youth-led masculinities panel (facilitated by Participation People)

Particiaption People

Why Men Who Care?

We need to do more than tell our young men ‘you’re toxic, stop!’

Toxic masculinity is an engine of inter-generational trauma. Quite rightly we are learning to listen to women and others affected by misogyny and male violence, but to break the cycle of trauma we must also address how this affects men and offer an alternate narrative of what it is to be a man.

Challenging stereotypes of men as uncaring or unable to look after themselves and others is vital in promoting nurturing masculinity and reducing mental ill health, risk taking behaviour and abuse.

The truth is, men have always had an important role to play in nurturing and caring for others. Industrialisation pushed men and women into restrictive roles. Just as Clarissa Pinkola Estés' classic book 'Women Who Run with the Wolves" challenged the stereotype of weak and submissive women, so now we can offer an alternative to the view of men as dominant, uncaring and even problematic members of our families and communities.

Men Who Care can be an engine of intergenerational healing

Research shows that positive male carer involvement in the lives of girls and boys is associated with improved outcomes across health, education and social mobility.

Young men and women with Men who Care in their lives are less likely to get involved in crime, to become teenage parents or to be excluded from school and they tend to form better relationships in their own lives.

At the same time, caring for others helps men to be connected, healthy members of our communities.

If like us you believe It’s high time we push back against outdated and oppressive stereotypes that deprive young people of the care they need and cause men and boys to neglect themselves or others, then get involved and support #MenWhoCare

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This campaign celebrates the great things that happen when men care.

Tell about the men who care in your life who helped you to get to where you are today. Do you think it was easy for them? What difference did it make for you and for others? How do you think things are changing for men and what kind of man would you like to be or have in your life?

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